Hotel Reservation

Please send Application Form ( PDF , RTF , MS Word ) by fax to +81-298-24-1940 (JTB Tsuchiura Office, c/o "COLA'01" Desk) no later than July 31, 2001.
The following Hotel Information page is also available in PDF format , RTF format and MS Word format.

Hotel Information for COLA'01

The JTB Tsuchiura Office has been appointed as a main travel agency for the 6th International Conference on Laser Ablation (COLA'01), scheduled to run for five days from October 1 (Mon) through 5 (Fri) at Tsukuba Science City. For the convenience of participants, we have kept a sufficient number of rooms at the hotels shown below, until July 31. Please apply for a reservation at your earliest convenience.

JTB Tsuchiura Office
c/o "COLA'01" Desk

Hotels and Rates

Hotels & Rates per night
Hotel name Hotel code Single Twin Double To the conference site To Tsukuba Center
Okura Frontier Hotel (Main) A JPY10,500 JPY19,000 JPY19,000 10 min. walk 0 min.
Okura Frontier Hotel Epochal B JPY10,500 JPY21,000 - 0 min. 10 min. walk
Hotel Grand Shinonome C JPY8,900 - - 15 min. walk 10 min. walk
Gakuen Sakurai Hotel D JPY7,800 - - 10 min. walk 15 min. walk
University Guest house * X JPY3,000 - - 15 min. BUS + 10 min. walk 15 min. BUS
* Only for students and posdoc. researchers in oversea participants; limited 20 single rooms will be available.


Application and payment procedures

  1. Application should be made by completing the Application Form and sending it by fax to reach JTB no later than July 31, 2001.
  2. Settlement: After application is closed, a hotel confirmation sheet and invoice will be sent to you. Please do not remit payment before receiving the invoice.
  3. Please note that, when preparing the invoice, we will add JPY 500 per person as a handling charge due JTB.
  4. Alteration and cancellation:
    If alteration or cancellation is required, please inform us by fax or e-mail at your earliest convenience. (Notice of alteration or cancellation by telephone will not be accepted to preclude any misunderstanding). In case of cancellation, the following fees will be charged.
Cancellation fee When cancellation is received,
Before two weeks prior 13 to 6 days prior 5 to 2 days prior The day before Before 18:00 on the day After 18:00 on the day
Nothing JPY 1,000 per person and per night 20% 50% 80% 100%

We look forward to serving you.

Mr. Shinji Kugo
General Manager
JTB Tsuchiura Office

JTB Tsuchiura Office
c/o "COLA'01" Desk
Persons in charge: Ms. Inenobe, Ms. Kazama, and Ms. Doi
Address: Urara 6, 9-2 Yamato-cho, Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki-ken 300-0036 JAPAN