Previous COLA Meetings and Proceedings

International Conference on Laser Ablation (COLA) is held every two years. The previous COLA have been extremely successful, specifically devoted to Laser Ablation: Mechanisms and Applications. The COLA are unique by their diversity, drawing experts in laser ablation not only from the materials community, but also from the application areas of medical, biological, spectroscopy/analysis, x-ray generation/lithography as well as those studying fundamental aspects of desorption and plume diagnostics.

Conference proceedings for these meetings are available as:

  Year (Place) Proceedings
1. 1991 (Oak Ridge, TN, USA) Laser Ablation: Mechanisms and Applications, J.C. Miller and R.F. Haglund (Eds.), Springer-Verlag, Lect. Notes in Physics 389, Heidelberg (1991).
2. 1993 (Knoxville, TN, USA) AIP Conference Proceedings 288. Laser Ablation: Mechanisms and Applications - II, J.C. Miller and D.B. Geohegan (Eds.) American Institute of Physics, New York, (1994). (626 pages)


1995 (Strasbourg, France) Applied Surface Science, 96-98 (1996)., E. Fogarassy, D. Geohegan and M. Stuke (Eds.)


1997 (Monterey, CA, USA) Applied Surface Science, 127-129 (1998). , R.E. Russo, D.B. Geohegan, R.F. Haglund, Jr. and K. Murakami (Eds.)


1999 (Göttingen, Germany) Applied Physics A 69 (1999)., J.S. Horwitz, H.U. Krebs, K. Murakami and M. Stuke (Eds.)