Tentative Invited Speakers

(I)  Key-Note Lectures and Tentative Titles

  S. Iijima (NEC, Meijo Univ., Japan)
   Nanotechnology of C Nanotubes and Laser Ablation Methods

(II)  Invited Talks and Tentative Titles

  A. Puretzky (Univ. Tennessee, USA)
   Time-Resolved Diagnostics of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Synthesis by the Laser Vaporization
  M. Yoshimoto (Tokyo Inst.Tech., Japan)
   PLD growth of diamond under an oxygen atmosphere
   F. Stietz (Univ. Kassel, Germany)
   Laser manipulation of metal nanoparticles
  D. Dlott (Univ. Illinois, USA)
   Shock wave assisted laser ablation
   H. Hosono (Tokyo Inst.Tech.,Japan)
   Holographic encoding of micrograting on transparent materials with a single fs-laser pulse
  M. Stuke (Max-Planck Inst., Germany)
   Laser Chemical and ABLATION PROCESSING for 3-dimensional Micro- and Nanostructures
  T. Lippert (Paul Scherrer Inst., Switzerland)
   Polymers Designed for Ablation - Influence of Photochemical Properties
Up to 10 Invited talks will be selected from submitted abstracts.