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Research Projects

Research Projects

Research focus at Kano Lab includes:

Interdisciplinary Research at University of Tsukuba

We are part of the many collaborative studies and research networks within and outside the University.

  • Ophthalmic imaging (with Dr. Kaji, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Visualization of pluripotency of iPS cells (with Hisatake Lab, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Research of fat-burning, brown adipocytes (with Hisatake Lab, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Aurantiochytrium algae fuel technology (with Watanabe Lab, Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences)

* We are aiming at establishing a "CARS Imaging Center."
Please contact for imaging assistance for life and medical science purposes.

Link to one of our review articles:
 ‐Coherent Raman Spectroscopy Using a Supercontinuum Light Source (Mol. Sci.)