Semiconductor Materials Design Lab University of Tsukuba


Our primary interests and areas of expertise are developing semiconductor materials (e.g. nitride, oxide, chalcogenide, perovskite, diamond and organic semiconductor) for solar energy conversion (photovoltaics and photocatalysts), thermoelectronics and power electroics.

Prof. Takeaki Sakurai

Dr. Takeaki Sakurai is currently Professor of the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Tsukuba, Japan since 2021. He received his BSc, MSc and Ph.D all in Chemistry from Osaka University, Japan in 1996, 1998, and 2001 respectively. Since 2001, he has been with the University of Tsukuba, where he has been engaged in the development and the characterization of photovoltaic materials and devices. In 2015, he stayed at Antoine Kahn lab as a visiting scholar at Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University. He received the Best Poster Award in the EMRS Spring Meeting in 2008, the Best Paper Award in the PVSEC-19 in 2009, the Best Poster Nominee in the MRS Fall Meeting in 2012, and the Soukatsu Award, PRESTO, JST in 2014.

His research interests include power semiconductor materials, photoelectrochemical water splitting, and chalcogenide thin-film solar cells. His group is involved in collaboration with scholars at US, Europe, and Asia.

Position Opportunities

If you want to be a Graduate student (Master or Ph.D) or a postdoc researcher, please feel free to contact to Prof. Sakurai (