Fujita-Ito Lab. GraduateSchool of Pure and Applied science
Institute of Applied Physics, University of Tsukuba

Access to Fujita-Ito Lab.

Access to Fujita Lab.

*If you use Hi-way bus:
Hi-way Bus (Tokyo station, Exit at Yaesu-south, Take the bus bound for Tsukuba University at No.3 bus stop. Please get off at the final destination of Tukuba University. It takes about 1hr and 15 min.

*If you use TX express train:
Please take TX-express train from Akihabara station. It takes about 45 min. to the final destination of Tsukuba Center. After going up to the ground level, please take Tsukuba University circulating bus,and get off at the 3rd college front. It will take about 10 min.

*If you drive yourself:
All of parking lots in the university campus is reserved. You need pass-card to park in the reserved space. Please park at the guest space (Red area), and get certification from the guard station (at the front of F building).