Fujita-Ito Lab. GraduateSchool of Pure and Applied science
Institute of Applied Physics, University of Tsukuba

Open Laboratory

Our laboratory prepared two experimental themes for open lab events. Please join us, you can really enjoy the nano-world through high resolution electron microscopy even if you are not good at physics.

Theme 1: Wonder in the micro-world.

You will experience the spectacular of nano-structure that living objects naturally forms their outermost surface, such as pollen, cuticles of your hair, and sting of mosquito. You will operate high resolution scanning electron microscope with your own hand to explore natural nano-structure.

Snapshot of Open Lab.
Top-left: SEM system, Top-right: can you see well? Bottom-left: healthy cuticle!, bottom-right: pollen of sunflowere

Theme 2: experience of Micro-lithography.
You will engrave your facial photo on an acrylic plate using electron beam. The drown photo was constructed by sub-micron scale dots therefore you can confirm your photo only through optical microscope. Please bring back the prepared acrylic plate for your memorabilia.

Snapshot of Open Lab.
Top-left:optical lithography system, Top-right: final check of products, Bottom-left: lecture from senior associate, Bottom-right: reticle formed on a glass plate

Finally, lets snap!

You did a fine job! 2006.30.30. Guys of Hotta High school.

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