Fujita-Ito Lab. GraduateSchool of Pure and Applied science
Institute of Applied Physics, University of Tsukuba

Laboratory Events

Laboratory events

Routine meeting
*Laboratory seminar: Every Monday 16:30-19:00 @3F820
*Laboratory colloquium: Every Wednesday 17:00-19:O0 @3F820

Casual Events

・Congratulations!! Graduation Defense @Feb. 2018

・Yakiniku Party @Feb. 2018

・Lab. Party @Aug. 2017

・Campus Tours in College of Engineering Science @Aug. 11, 2017

・Facaulty SummerSchool @Aug. 10, 2017

・Sammuer School for Takezono HighScool @Aug. 9, 2017

・EIPBN Int. Nat. Conference (Florida)@May 31, 2017

・Hillwalking on Mt.Tsukuba @May, 2017

・Lab. Party @April 2017

・Autumn BBQ party @September 2014

・RPGR2014 Taipei @Sep. 21-25 2014

  Taipei MRT Station               Taiwan National University                   JIlin Night Market Let's eat!

  Egg-drop Oyster delicious!          Palace Museum, at the front of Sun Yatsen   Banquet at 85th floor (400 m) of Taipei 101 Tower

  RPGR Poster presentation

・Trekking Mt.Tsukuba @April 2014

      Let's start!     yes, fine enough.  but someone seems a little bit tired

 Going through rocks of "Benkei's 7th back and forth","womb rock", and many of misterious rocks, we wii soon get the top

 Here is not the top!!, But finally we get it, and thank our safety

・Commencement @March 25th, 2014

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